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Sleeping Beauty lyrics

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TECH N9NE lyrics : "Sleeping Beauty"

(feat. Big Krizz Kalico)

[Intro: Big Krizz Kalico backwards]
Such a cutie
Sleeping beauty

[Tech N9ne:]
It was a Saturday night me and my homeboys decided to dip to the movies
And you know what?
Always on CP time
So we enter the theater and we find our seats
Kalico wanted me to get something from cossesion, so I did
So I'm waitin' in line and I get to the register
And I see the badest bitch homie (Damn)
I mean I was like fuck the food what's your name, nationality and age baby
But I forgot the first two when she said she was, 17!
On the inside I was like, fuck, shit, godamn it, motherfucker, ya bitch, whore, slut, cunt
When you gonna be 18?
And in the mints of my crisis I heard he say, "Well I'll be eighteen in a week"
And I was like, "Oh yeah?"
And she said, "Yeah"
Man she was a stallion
Ass like pow
Chest like bang
Lips like ooh
I had to have her cat
De ja vu

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
I'm in the movie and I don't give a fuck about it
I keep thinkin' about a bitch I met at cassesion
Really a cutie I wanna get up in her and out of her
but the identity sayin' she is one seven
For the movie I'ma go back and spit at her
throw game at her like my name is Tech N9ne bitch
When I said it she went balistic meanin' she was with it
and lovin' my complex rhyme shit (Yes, yes)
I had it really an idea to get her back at the crib
and I'll give her some of the bad mimosa
The key was (????) that I can hold her
But about the weekend on her b-day
We can wheeza
She does'nt know that I am s-i-c-k (Sick)
All she know is T-E-C-C-A
When your through with work your gonna go with me kay
(Okay, Okay, Okay, O-O-Okay)

[Hook: Big Krizz Kalico]
I want you, Sleeping Beauty
I need you, Sleeping Beauty
So come on, such a cutie
I love you, Sleeping Beauty

[Bridge 1: Tech N9ne & Girl]
Come right in baby, have a seat (Alright)
Would you like a drink (Sure, I'll have one)
And another, and another, and another
and then another, and then another, and then another

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
Very woozy
We up in the Jacuzzi
Beauty is juicy
The liquor must have been a dozy (Yes)
Cause she talkin' hella loosely
Tryin' to seduce me
But I ain't fuckin' no under aged groupie
But I was I fuckin' and suckin', buckin', crushin' and touchin'
And tuckin' my stuff in puttin' my bid in here
But she started huffin' and puffin' and talkin' bout nuthin'
The fact that I ain't gonna get no lovin' this fucker is pushin' my buttons
Bitch with your fast mouth
I want you to pass out
Then I'ma get your ass out (Yup)
Shit she crashed out
Gotta get her out cause she'll be dead soon
Drug her to the motherfuckin' bedroom
Handcuffed her then I turned the music down (Knock, knock, knock)
Then I heard a pound (Who is it?) (Knock, knock, knock)
Knock a lil' more (What the fuck)
Somebody's knock, knock, knock, knockin' at my door yo

[Bridge 2: Tech N9ne & Cop]
Is there a problem officer?
(Yeah we got a noise complaint from one of your neighbors, uh you havin' a party?)
Uh-no it's just me here man I'm a musician
(We know who you are)
And uh I'm scoring a movie that's my projector you hear and the music's already down so
(Well let's try and keep it down)
Uh-I'll keep her, uh, keep it, keep it down, I'll keep it down


[Verse 3: Tech N9ne]
Hey I can hardly wait
It's gettin' closer to our date
It's been a couple of days I had to gag her
Back and forth to the bathroom I had to drag her (Come on)
Cause the drugs I'm givin' her makin' her stagger
Tryin' to feed her food but it's makin' me want to stab her (Bitch)
With the steak knife I try to feed her steak with (Come on)
Okay when you starve to death don't say shit (Bitch)
Imma set it to the side till your hungry
I see that your energy tellin' me that you want me
She said I never knew that you were the wanabe psycho
Why you readin' to me from the bible (No)
Get away from me motherfucker I hate you (Hate me)
All the warning that gave me make me wanna date you (Yes)
Days go by
And I'm lookin' in her hazel eyes
And I wanna be a sex slave know why?
Cause your beautyful lovely (Yes)
Want you to trust me (Yes)
And never judge me (Yes)
And now do you love me?

[Bridge 3: Tech N9ne & Girl]
(I love you, I really love you)
Oh, fuck
(I wanna feel you, I wanna touch you)
Oh yes, oh yes
(Take care of these cuffs)

[Verse 4: Tech N9ne]
Look at her sexy ass
Beautiful panty's see through like plexiglass
Rip 'em off of her like an animal mesh me clash
To the bottom put her hands on my ness tea bags
Heavy kissin' and heavy pushin'
And if this is heaven then I wanna stay
Lord please never take it away
Happy birthday baby this is how I'm gonna be lovin' ya (Yeah)
Then she put the steak knife through my juggula (Shit!)
Now as the blood trickles
My body wiggles
I'm lookin' up at my baby while she giggles (Ha, ha, ha)
I never thought it would end this way (Way)
This not how I wanted to spend this day (Day)
The rest we, we were so damn tangled (Yes)
I really guess my baby didn't like my angle (No)
I lye in a puddle of blood neck mangled (Damn)
I was done by the hands of an angel

In breaking news
Rapper Tech N9ne was found murdered today at the hands of an eighteen year old girl
He is survived by his wife, and three children
More details at ten

We can't burry this man without prayer

There's nuthin' to pray for sir
He said there's a much better world than this
At least all you monsters say sir

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