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SLAVE lyrics

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TECH N9NE lyrics : "SLAVE"

A rebel know, to let the devil go
So now to get paid, about to be working like a slave
I'm kinda good, kinda bad, kinda get money can't be mad
I'm kinda broke but I'm kinda rich
Wishing I had a corner I could put a bitch in
They ain't gonna do nothing
They like I'm suffering
Food from a baby's mouth,
Then I bought a house for my baby mother and
What's wrong? I try, don't matter, still die
I'm strong, but I'm not
When I'm alone, I cry
Our for you, it's hard to do,
I can't see you so doubt to you
When out my mouth I ? the news
Too much ?
? I was a ? but the last
? the preacher from the past?
But no Hades, god's baby
God made me, a little crazy
And I'm off, I'm gone
My life is my song
What I mean when I sing, still a wing in the pair
But a violence? in description maybe it will get me there
Share with the people?
But a ? I'm the genius?everybody gonna know my name
I've been working like a slave for long,
And I got tired all along ?
I've been ? road, I've been wrong, I know
I know ? has no peace ?
There be no peace in my shelter
I need ? present situation

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