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Need More Angels With Prayer lyrics

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TECH N9NE lyrics : "Need More Angels With Prayer"

(feat. Brother K.T., Irv Da Phenom)

[Brother KT]
Praise god my brother
Forgive me father right now
As I'm askin great blessing in favor right now for this man of God
Lord, you know the direction that your taking his life holy spirit Lord and you have a (?covern?) over his life
Continue to bless him Lord
Let him know that his best is yet to come
And Lord, let him know when the (?wickness?) of his enemies try to destroy him,
To bring him down all he has to do is call on you
Now Lord, come bring favor into his life
Favor into his music Lord
Let him know that his best is yet to come
Aslong as he can seize to put you first

[Tech N9ne - Verse 1]
Drama, use to be my middle name
with ecstasy, sex and technically set me for a little fame
it gets to me, when the people I used to know switch and change
regretfully, I'm gonna say I don't wanna see none of 'em again
They stressin' me, when they think 'cause of my absence I'm playin' games
When really I just work in strain to let everybody else feel my pain
and respectfully, I gotta say buzz off you and Tech Nina thangs in jeopardy
'cause I need angels around me they should cling?
but you never be strange?
I feel this deep in my vein
Like Leprosy, you attackin' my nerves and mess with my brain
It's vexin' me, ain't a angel inside you distrustin' vain is your recipe
to complain is necessity, you're to blame so I reckon we,
no longer be straight, that's why I never came
When you beckoned me, I need peace in my life
But with you I need gangs and weaponary, im too busy to have these lousy lames
To come question me, man I really do need more angels blessing me

[Chorus - Irv Da Phenom]
You see we've all done our dirt
God knows that I have and I know I can't take that back
But I can say today I'm makin a change
Ima leave the drama in my past
So if you try to bring me down
Don't you ever come around
I got no space in my life for negative
I said I need, I need more angels around me

[Tech N9ne - Verse 2]
Need, somebody to bring me a brighter day
Not somebody that when I see them coming gotta hide away
Like these losers leavin messages
They gon try and say I went Hollywood and wanna know answers
So I press delete right away
I need drama gone, like I need my mama home

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