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MAMA NEM lyrics

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TECH N9NE lyrics : "MAMA NEM"

Lets go, yeah
I feel this one man
And this one is long overdue
It's 'bout my mama nem
My mama, her sisters, her brothers, grandma too man
I just wanna take this time to speak about mama nem
Check it

[Tech N9ne - Verse 1]
She carried me when she was fifteen
Had me when she was sixteen
Reminiscing on how well she did things
Got one popped on 11/8/71 she had this king
She was baring that on day
I was just a staring upon that face
With her, just declaring my mum said wait
Than her and her sisters named me Aaron don'tez Yates
She, tried to give me everything I seen
Casing? gas cynlinders was her means for green
Took me to the movies when they bought Halloween to screen
Got me a big wheel couldn't afford a green machine
But I loved it,
When I got it, all my friends swarming
Cause in the projects big wheels wasn't the norm
And I'm pouring this out to the woman I'm adoring
She know I like sugar snacks and a fried baloney sandwich in the morning

I take you everywhere I go
I thank you're mine, that's my momma nem
I only know what I know cause of my mama nem
She gave me life and made me me
I don't know where I'd be without
My auntie nem, my sisters and, my uncle nem
Mama nem

[Tech N9ne - Verse 2]
When I got bad grades I was in the heat seat
Got a woopin' when I used another kids cheatsheet
But when I got a good grade card she bought me Beat street
The single, ayo I had that mug on repeat
Mama nem taught me ryhthm that I use yep
My uncle nem say's stay on your P's and Q's neph'

Mama talking catch you, if you talking like you deaf
God-fearing still taught me how to two-step
Took me to church, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Than Sunday thinking why me
That was mama nem placin' the love inside me
Our house was lively
My granny house, 8 girls and 4 boys beside me
Thanking Mama nem, for the weight that you carry
Pulling my teeth with friends sayin "boy you scary"
I 'memba mama laughin sayin' "Is it loose?"

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