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Freaky Lil Things lyrics

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TECH N9NE lyrics : "Freaky Lil Things"

(feat. Grant Rice, Kutt Calhoun, ig Krizz Kaliko,Marie RG)

I've been around the world I ya
Freak so many girls I ya
The women I done seen I ya
Some freaky little things I ya

[Verse 1:]
Ya bets ta know I gotta, flex a flow about a sexy ho I gotta
Let ya know about her, me next to go inside her
I repped the mo beside her, we did it show at Granada [x4]
Sexy dark chocolate, I think her name was Acua
Young Schooler Hallelujah what I got to do ta get inside the cooler
So I took her back to the mo she rode it like a pony she was O.G. young chick it was better than it was supposed ta be [x8]
Was a Mexican and Italian chick named Mexital Marie
For a minute she wondered about the chance she gets to wild wit me
I'm ridin' with her and she had an enormous fart box,
So we pulled over and I fucked it doggy style in the automatic car wash [x12]
Later that date she took me to see bait
She bought a nacho plate but only Tech N9ne got ate
The cerebellum was great then she sat on top of the snake
I didn't even see bait so with my other bitch I had to skate [x16]
I got contex plus I got bomb ex
So after Grant then it's Kutt and baby I'm next
So we can triple team up and fuck your spleen up
Between us get 3 nuts then you can beam up [x20]
Now ya sexual peak is met so don't fret
When I call you up and say what's happening baby it's Tech
I'm callin' to see if you down for heated sex
So we can flex and you can lick the barcode on my neck [x24]

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Yo, yo she was a black gold, center fold classic (Destiny)
Chirped to Mack mode, that ass kept asking (rescue me)
Provalaks and a double stack bag of (exstacy)
It's on now exactly, Fiesta, I blasted fo-eva (cheeah) [x4]
Another mate I can check on chess, was best for less dimeanor
A record exec for Techanina, out of reach, like a man wit no
Arms, but she let Kutty plow the peach, sorta like horses do farms
A true charms tale [x4]
(Addicted) wasn't supposed to see the botty, but I lucked up
And Dave Weiner gave Kutt a thumbs up (Keep it real)
From L-A-X to sunset, trunks get, the donks wet
Beyonks let, outta towners hunt, sex for contest [x4]
Rican and black, urinary freak in the sack (ol' what's her name)
Janelle, used to let me skeet on her back end at the Grafton
Down to the Best Western, let's turn this camcorder on
Time 4 some action [x4]

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
She was a supermodel I met her in Miami
A video girl whose world was candy
And she said I'm sour on the outside but sweet between the legs [x4]
A freak, talked about what got her body hot
Like lollipops and sheets
I replied like, ma, I'm diabetic so I'm allergic to sweets [x8]
We continued politicing bout if I got a chicken
And her favorite way of all positions
I listen to her talk, mesmerized by her eyes and the glide in her walk [x12]
She was sent by satan himself
Temptations prayin' for help
But couldn't help it still
Found help in 2 shots and a pop of a pill (16)
We peeled on our way, Blue Fountain room 3-1-8
Close the windows and let the sin blow
Like a whirl wind smoked and joked about each others girlfriends
And it's still a secret mi amor forever imma keep this beind closed doors [x20]

[Chorus x4]

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