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Where Is The Love (Interlude) lyrics

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SWV lyrics : "Where Is The Love (Interlude)"

(Where is the love)
(That you promised me)
That you promised me
(Or are those days and the nights that we spent just a fantasy)
Just a fantasy
(Where is the love)
Where is the love
(That you said we would share)
(Why did I wake up this morning to find that you were not there)

You picked a fine time to tell me that you did not love me
(You did not love me baby)
And after all this time I thought that you were only thinkin' of me
Sometimes I feel like I could sit right down and just (cry)
But all that I can do tonight is wonder as I ask myself why
(Where is the love)
Where is the love hey hoooeey hey

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Writer(s): Brian Alexander Morgan, Herb Middleton, Gordon Chambers
Copyright: Orisha Music Publishing, Embassy Music Corp. O.B.O. Big Herb'S Music, Music Corp. Of America Inc., WB Music Corp.
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