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What's It Gonna Be lyrics

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SWV lyrics : "What's It Gonna Be"

What's it gonna be?
Is it gonna be you
And me?
What's it gonna be?
Is it gonna be you-ooh
And me? Babe...

Wasn't it you
Who said
We'd be together always?
I think I've been
It took a while to see
But now
One of us has to go (ah... doo)
You can't love two
Tell me


What made you think
That you
Could keep me hanging on a string?
If you can't make up your mind
I'll bow out gracefully, yeah
But one of us has to go (ah... doo)
You can't love two
No, no, no, oh


What's it gonna be?
I hope you can see
It's gotta be you and me
Baby (ah... doo, ooh)
Tell me...

What will you do
Baby, will you come through?
My heart's on the line
Baby, don't waste my time

Somebody's gonna win
Somebody's gonna lose
But you've got to choose, boy
Say it will be
You and me, baby

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Writer(s): Brian Kelly Mcknight, Brian Alexander Morgan, James Douglas Vallance, Michael Brandon Barnes, Bryan Adams, Paul Guardiani, Lucy Harrison
Copyright: Brandon Barnes Music, Polygram Int. Publishing Inc., Almo Music Corp., Songs Of Polygram Int. Inc., Adams Communications Inc., Testatyme Music, A Stolen People'S Music, Irving Music Inc., Dizzy Heights Music Publishing Ltd., MCA Music Publishing A.D.O. Universal S, Cancelled Lunch Music
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