SWV lyrics : "It's About Time"

It's Been To Long Baby (It's Been To Long)

It's Been A Week Since I Last Saw You
Over And Over I Imagine All The Things I'm Gonna Do
Soon It Will Be Time For This Fantisy To Come True
I Got Something Special I Want To Try On You.
First We Kiss Then Relax While I Bring You Some Wine
Take Off Your Shoes Get Ready For A Real Good Time.
The Night Is Young And I Belong To You
So Lets Get Started We Got Some Lovin To Do

It's About Time For Us (For Us)
To Get Together (Baby Baby Tonight)
It's Time (It's About Time) For Us To Get Together (Baby)

Every Time You Love Me It's Like Never Before
And That Just Makes Me Want To Keep Giving Giving You More
I'm Gonna Be Ummm.. The Best I Can Be
Cause I Know That Your Gonna Do Your Best For Me
There's Nothing Better Than The Way Your Making Me Feel
Nothing Could Be So Good Nothing Could Be So Real
So Lets Get Lovin Like This All Night Long
Makin Up All The Time That You Been Gone

[Chorus x3]

It's Time To Hold My Hand
It's Time To Be My Man
It's Time For Some Huggin And Kissin And All The Things I'm Missin
It's About Time For Us
Come Here Baby

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Writer(s): Linda A. Vitali, Gene Mcfadden, James RichardMckinney Jr, Janice C. Dempsey
Copyright: Bright Light Music Inc., Nuttin' But Cuttin' Music, Baby Face Music, Linda Vitali Music, Music Corp. Of America Inc.
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