SWV lyrics : "I'm So In Love"

Hey baby
(I'm So In Love)
I've had this feelin' for you for such a long time
I just wanted to show how I feel inside
(You are the only one)
And you're the only person who can help me release it
(I'm so in love)
(I'm so in love)
So let me hit you off with this nice and slow daddy

Love is come and go
But now it's here to stay
You made me so happy, the day you came my way
Every time I'm with you
I love you more and more
Cause you're the man, cause you're the man that I adore
I'm so in love
With you
Taj and Lelee help me sing it

I'm so in love with you
Don't you know you are the only one for me
I'm so in love with you
Don't you know you are the only one I need

I can't get enough of you
I love whatcha do to me
You treat me like a lady
And you're sensitive to all my needs
So don't ever go nowhere
I don't know what I'd do
Please stay with me for ever
Because I'm so in love with you - yeah yeah
I'm so in love
With you
I'm so in love


I love the way you caress my body
The way you kiss me ooh
The way you touch me
I love it when you squise me
That's why I'm so in love with you
I can't get enough of you
I want more and more everyday
I'm strung out on you baby
I love you so much

[Chorus: Until Fade]

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Writer(s): Cheryl Elizabeth Gamble
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