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HE'S MINE lyrics

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SWV lyrics : "HE'S MINE"

He might be doing you, but he's thinking about me
so lay there think about another lover and go find
another brotha
i know he's my man
he's all in my hands it feels good when he calls my name
don't u wish u had the same
feeling discussed working your stuff til he thinks about mine, now he's feeling real high
u ask why, cuz he's mine

I'm telling u something that just ain't cool
Neva fall in love w/ a man who don't love u
ooh, i wouldn't waste my time telling you something wrong
You been w/ him one night, and now he's coming home

he's mine you may have had him once but i got him all tha time (u can't sleep at nite)
don't try to dry your eyes
i got him all the time

went out on a date
wasn't out too late
took u to a room and you ate it up too soon
played you like a trick cuz you let him hit
now he's comin home to a lover that is strong
i got all his love, baby don't try to take it
u wanted a piece, you are mistaken
cuz he belongs to me, baby can't you see


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