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Coming Home lyrics

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SWV lyrics : "Coming Home"

Don't be afraid, baby
Don't be afraid, baby

(Verse 1)
Love is just like a storm
No sunshine at all
To guide you my way
Oh, boy, you know that I care for you
Don't be afraid, my love is here to stay
Oh, yeah. You don't have to be scared of me

I'm coming home to you
Dont be afraid, baby

(Verse 2)
I have to go away now
I'll always be here with you
Oh, you're a special boy, here in my heart
Our love is strong, and I won't keep you waiting for love

(Chorus 4x)

Come here, boy.
How many times do I have to tell you, I'm never gonna leave
Home is where my heart belongs
Because home is where you are
Your love is so good to me, words can't express

I can't wait, gonna make love to you. Oh, yeah!
All night, all night long
All night, all night long
All night, all night long

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Writer(s): Hassan Eatman, David Way, Michael Randall Brown, Edward Theodore Riley, Eugene Morris
Copyright: Michael Brown Music, Universal Music - Z Tunes LLC, Ten Ways To Sundown Music
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