SUPERCHICK lyrics : "Super Trouper"

You were meant to live large
Come on, take charge
Let's go light the world up
Let's not wait until the end
To be the things we wish we'd been
You were meant to live life
Come on, let's fly
You're a super trouper spotlight
We're gonna jump on the count of three
Here it comes now
ONE - TWO - THREE jump

If you were a country you'd be Switzerland
You never take a stand
You policy is never to offend
If you were a gambler you would always win
You'd only bet on the horses after they had already come in
And I'm sorry that I'm getting on your cause
But true friends, they stab you in the face


If you were in a movie, you'd be thug number 5
Cuz you don't try out for a starring role
But you name belongs in lights
If you got a GI Joe, you'd never open up the box
Safe inside it's plastic prison
Waiting for the day it rots
And I'm sorry that I'm getting on your case
But true friends, they stab you in the face


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Writer(s): Stig Anderson, Benny Goran Bror Andersson
Copyright: Union Songs Musikforlag AB
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