SUPERCHICK lyrics : "High School"

It's high school (high school), could be (could be) a mini me of the rest of society,
There's always (always) a prom queen (prom queen), there'll always be, always be sororities,
Sadly (sadly) some will be (some will be) eternally keeping score for popularity,
And just cause (just cause) they all do (they all do) doesn't mean we have to act like we're in high school,
Doesn't mean we have to act like we're in high school

Hight school is like a big competition
Beauty contests, prom court is the mission
There can only be one queen, one king
Everyone voting, everyone competing
But these are the rules, the way of high school
If someone puts you down, that's so high school
Someone talks behind your back, that's so high school,
Thinking you have to get them back, that's also high school
I know I'll be graduating early


High school is like the state of the nation
Some people never change after graduation,
Believing any light you shine makes their's lesser,
They have to prove to everyone that thier's is better
These are the rules, the ways of high school
If someone puts you down, that's so high school,
Believing they're too cool for you, that's so high school
If you belive it too, that's also high school,
I know I'll be graduating early


We've all got bad yearbook photos
Which we've forgot to let go
And just like acne our insecurity
Should be something we left with the jv
So here's to letting go of yearbook photos
Things we kept that hold us down so,
That was yesterday, there's always tomorrow,
We are tomorrow, we are tomorrow,
I know I'll be graduating early


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