STYLES P lyrics : "Brothers"

Yeah I wanna ball some like the athletics do
I... she could kiss ask me too
Those... been said like... and a new big still keep the classy too
I mean you bloody like... fight 12 p.m.
12 am in the night at the day light is the cope from the...
Is it for...
All of my niggas they still the... 23 one n it
Don't kill a man you can't stomach it
Either you rich or...
Or me be you in between and the cope in... in the queen
Have dope in the... 12 years old when I... and might so nice
That's last top... for the wild the gun runs...
I like the... and... a little for the money could get a high rise
I aint shit 'cause I ain't fool, the knowledge on that 'cause I aint' smooth
I'm in the range in the G 5 or the... or the sheavy with the five
That's me... three guns to buy death and then sell it
But the thing no refunds

Without... it's me against...
I told you the... I've been in New York... Parker
... back... with the...
Incredible I pout the barrow in your mouth
New York love lock like outcast in the south
Yeah I've been the dawn, I've been the dawn
Since been the... I can't become
When you was can't become I was... on the block... tell em what you sniff
The gift is a curse the curse can't be lived
You had the skills to be me as if it was hard to be...
You ABC... short from a G
Be scary if these rappers... kids Halloween it's your all...
Shot out to the hood and all my niggas in jail
... I'ma beat that ask the... coming through... that
Man we don't... overseas balling like a... and rap the world
... know the... and black out

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