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My Last Blast lyrics

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Steve Lieberman lyrics : "My Last Blast"

Verse 1

i wrote a song in the pouring rain
an album when i went insane
a tune bad blood in my veins
i wrote a song about the late Kurt Cobain

i wrote a song for 10 million Jews
who never understood my point of view
an album for all the Hebrews
But i never wrote a song about you.


i wrote a song about everything but you
i wrote a song about everything, that's true
but i never wrote a song about you.

Verse 2

i wrote a song my critics hate
a half-star, me they rate
a tune about my early grave
but you always said i was great.

i wrote a hundred songs the same year
songs of love, songs of fear
got rejected, i always cared
but i never wrote about you, my dear.


This is my last blast
it hurts so bad when i play this fast
got no future, it's all past
hold me as i breathe my last.

Verse 3

i wrote a song from the brink of pain
a record to corrupt your brain
a tune that gave me the blame
i had a good hour of my fame.

i wrote a song on the tilt-a-whirl
got so sick, i had to hurl
played it loud as the flag unferled
but i never wrote about you , my girl

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