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Little Kosher Girl lyrics

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Steve Lieberman lyrics : "Little Kosher Girl"

[Verse 1]
Gonna love me a kosher girl
in my little crazy world
she'll warm me up
when I go frozen
she loves our people
because they're chosen

Gonna love me a kosher diva
my mom and dad
won't sit shiva
and the old men
in the Synagogue
won't call the Sanhedrin
to have me flogged

[Verse 2]
Never loved me a natural blonde
so rare on my side of the pond
I taste here
mmmmm so yummy
she loves our people
because we have money

[Verse 3]
She don't care
that I'm unstable
as I love her with
my little Tower of Babel
she calls me her little
holy man
she loves our people
cause we're always banned

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