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G-d Loves Me Tho' I'm Crazy lyrics

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Steve Lieberman lyrics : "G-d Loves Me Tho' I'm Crazy"

[Verse 1]
Moses begged Him to kill him
at the uprising at Kibrot-ha-Tav'ah
Bipolar in the wilderness
but still he won His favour

G-d loves me though I'm crazy
He overlooks me being lazy
sometimes my prayers come in hazy
but G-d loves
me even though I'm crazy

[Verse 2]
Jonah begged Him to kill him
outside of Nineveh's gates
depressive disorder in Assyria
from a ricinus plant's shade

all of His greatest Prophets
had their own moments of daft
but He still blessed and redeemed them
despite of their reasoning lapse

[Verse 3]
Elijah begged Him to kill him
at Beer-Sheva by the tree of broom
delusional in the Land of Judah
but redeemed from the squad of goons

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