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Crank That Kosher Boy lyrics

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Steve Lieberman lyrics : "Crank That Kosher Boy"

Featuring: The Gangsta Rabbi

Crank That Kosher Boy
Crank That Kosher Boy
make me scream
oy! oy! Oy!
Crank That Kosher Boy

[Verse 1]
Wanna be your Yeshiva Barucha
little circumcized Hebrew lover
I'll tell ya
how my people suffered
wanna be your Yeshiva Barucha

[Verse 2]
Wanna be your Kosher man
for decades
a vegetarian
my people are numbered like the sand
wanna be your Kosher man

[Verse 3]
Wanna be your Kosher boy
I eat no meat
only soy
crank me up
I say oy oy oy
wanna be your Kosher boy

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