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Shadow Zone lyrics

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STATIC-X lyrics : "Shadow Zone"

I get we gotta run
Make me take it
Take out the big one
I can't forget I cannot
See infect me

Enter the shadow zone
I like it, slice it
This is your own world
Naked, resurfacing

Shadow Zone
I come to realize
That I'm not home now
But you can't see inside me
Shadow Zone
If I can't forget just
Leave me alone now
It's time to go out, shut down

I'm sick of this mutation
All of this masturbation
It becomes my salvation
Taking it, taking it

I'm dead inside, my head my mind
Right way wrong way, this cage is my rage
My cord ripped out, cry out for help
Call this my own

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Writer(s): Wayne Wells, Kenneth Lacey, Tripp Eisen, Antonio Campos
Copyright: Static-x, Brother You Asked For It Music, Buttmunch Music, Heka 41 Music, Warner-tamerlane Publishing Corp., WB Music Corp.
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