SOJA lyrics : "She Still Loves Me"

I know it`s hard now for you to see
You can`t change how it was
Or how it's goona be.
I'm what she wants
You're what she needs?
But she still loves me
She still loves me.

Where`s her sweater?
Is not in her car
Is not at her friend`s house
Is not at the bar
I think you better,
Think with the heart
Take a look at yourself
And see how lucky you really are.

I don`t believe in luck after all
Neither does she
But you know that now
You should forget her
Cause I`ve got her heart
She hates the way that I tear it apart

What did she do today
What took her so long?
Where`s she been to,
Where`s she gone?

But does she think about,
When she sees the dawn?
When you feel her thinking
And rolling around
What does she talks about
When her father calls?
She says what you said
She tells her old man you're the one
What does she talk about when mother calls?
And you don`t come up,
You don't come up at all.

What do we do when life take us so long?
Why do we waste so much time, I know, we`d never know.
Why do we stay here, why don`t we go?
Why does everybody think that they can do both?


I know it`s hard now for you to see
You can`t change how it was
Or how it's goona be
And I`m what she wants
And you are just she needs.

She still loves me x 3

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