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SNAKE EYES lyrics : "Sworn In"

Shoot me fucking dead
Take me away from this place
Cause all I see here is your god damn face
Torturing me
Infecting my life
If this is all I see I'd rather go blind
Play this game with me
Walk to the end
Roll your mother fucking dice and play again
No hope for you or I
We are all blind, we are all blind
The start is the end and the end is the start
No sight, no love, no friends, no heart
I'm in the dark
We're in the dark
These bags under my eyes are getting darker
And I've never heard of sleep
The herder is a fucking illusion
There's no hope for the sheep
At the end of the day I could say I'm haunted
Can't tell if I'm dead or just fucking unwanted
At the end of the day I could say I'm haunted
Shoot me fucking dead
I'll let my eyes roll back into my head
Wishing I was dead, wishing I was dead
If I could take back every single word I've said
Maybe I'd be less unwanted
Maybe I'd be fucking dead
Snake eyes rolling back into my head
Wishing I was dead
Wishing I was dead

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