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Welcome 2 Houston lyrics

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SLIM THUG lyrics : "Welcome 2 Houston"

[Slim Thug:]
Slim Thugga, Muthafucka!

Now welcome to the city of game, piece of chains and swangs
Pop trunk and bang, yeah I'm still here mayne
Born and raised on the stead block, braids no dreadlocks
Married to the hood me and Sunnywood wedlock
Niggas way my home, I'm an outside veteran
Reppin' H-Town, smoking sippin' on some medicine
That ain't nobody better than the boss when I floss
It's Slim Thugga Muthafuckas, still breaking boys off

Hmm, got plenty cheese, plenty carats and you looking like some caterers
And it's looking like you haters and you fakes is immatating us
Shadied up, bradied up and I bet that trunk you bladed up
Bet you still crawling on 4's, so they ain't phasin' us
In the hood I'm a grinder, wood on the vinyl
TV VCR I'm layed back with'cha momma
You ain't never seen a grinder that grind the way I grind, huh
Top off the drop still listen to ?

Still, still breakin' boys off
Hmm, candy painted with the glass you can hate but that's the way a playa floss
Still breakin' boys off
Hmm, getting money's what I'm bout, I'm a get it while these hatas just talk
Still breakin' boys off
Hmm, gotta do it for the north, got to do it for my hustler's in the south
Still breakin' boys off, boys off
Sill breakin' boys off
And when I do it I'm a do it like a boss
Still breakin' boys off

[Mike Jones:]
I'm still representing H-Town the city of the candy
They see me with a lotta cars, but they don't understand it
They said they never see ya boy, out here getting his grind on
Platinum ? take ya pick I gettin' my shine on
I sold two million records now my paper on swoll
Now the mayor of the city, top down when I roll
H-Town, home of the candy paint
Home of the 84's and 4's and the purple drank

[Bun B:]
Yeah, it's the city that's slowed, the city that's throwed
The city where them boys flip the candy painted lows
The city where they blow big killa and stay blowed
Hustlin' ass D-boys got the game sold
Where they sip that drank (sip that drank) and drip that paint (drip that paint)
And drop that top (drop that top) and grip that grain (hold up)
6-10-I-10-59-45 and the Belt
This Clutch City where we play what we dealt
Welcome my H-Town

[Hook: Chamillionaire]

[Paul Wall:]
This town's my home it's where I do my dirt
Where the gangsta's smoke water, we drank stains on the shirt
We ride swangin' chop blazed just to break boys off
From South Park to the Southwest all the way to that nouf
I'm talking tenth wheel and Crawfordale and Greenspoint too
From Denport Harvard to West Airport all the way to Channelview
We steady bangin' on this screw, it's choppin' like Kung-Fu
Hit me on the 8-3-2, it's Paul Wall what it do

[Yung Redd:]
Purple so muddy I can barely even drive
I'm blowin' down trees like a Category 5
Southside of H-Town or on the sunny side
I could walk these street if I was blind, nahmtalkinbout?
Yung Redd, take ya out the future
Stars imitate swear to God work the?
Robert Davis, Fat Pat, this for you
To my homie Big Hawk, I salute

[Hook: Chamillionaire]

[Lil Keke:]
H-O to the U.S., T.O. to the N
God blessed me with the million dollar Benz
See the grind money gangstas with they hand in the air
That Sunnyside in South Park I was raised out there
This is H-Town (H-Town), screwed up and slowed down
It's all love homie, keep rolling up the whole pound
Pull up in the monster just look at him hiding
Don Ke heart of the south, slab riding

H.O.U.S.T.O.N., T.E.X.A.S.
We goin get it and come back with it until we take our last breath
From the city where our stadiums drop the top
Z-Ro the Crooked, my ghetto ass is good at any hood, any block they got
The white cup is for the codiene and the cigarello is for the kush
If you want it we got it cause that's not a problem we don't push
We used to be the dirty south, now we so dirty we sip lean
So homie you must be touching it, roll if you don't feel me (you don't feel me)

[Hook: Chamillionaire]

[Mike D:]
Welcome to H-Town, this Third Ward talking
Coming down the slab like the fo's crip walking
Together we stand, divided we fall, yeah
North and the south together we ball
Fuck that, nigga it's a H-Town thang
Let me see ya touch the sky if ya feeling me mayne
It's Boss Hogg Kyleon, nigga that Mike D
The drank man daddy, you know where to find me

[Big Pokey:]
State to state dawg, I got 'em jockin' the kid
Six backin out the drive away, dropping the wig
Y'all know we do it big, like a freight...
Got stashes full of cash where I keep the money hid
Fresh to death homie, how I came in the do'
Prada shades on, smelling like a swanger or dro
Put'cha H'es up, represent'cha city bro
Counting money, iced out, like I'm in a video

[Hook: Chamillionaire]

[Rob G:]
Southwest put'cha dubs up baby, let's go!
Now welcome to the place I love, place I was, raised to be a G
It's straight hang with thugs, jam my music slow and hold my H's up
Southwest SWAT I know the real dudes and move birdies
I go to school early, baby blue Moon jersey
Riding around, southwest side of my town
Still Reppin' My Block, How Ya Likn' Me Now
It's from Sharpstown, Braeswood to Alief, black and west stack
Paper together we stay deep it's all

King Of The Streets and I'm rolling round Houston ridin' 4's
Boys better chill for this throw-away leave they curtains closed
I ridin' slab but I'm tippin it like a platinum rose
Soon as I make the doors presidental when they decide to close (real talk)
They want the Don to tell the haters that I got it locked (got it locked)
I shoot em up the west so whenever all the way to the top (dows up)
I'm so hood it be the Truth, definition of me
Ain't no way ya speakers bout the H, without mentioning me
We the truth, nigga!

[Hook: Chamillionaire]

[Lil O:]
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!
Ayyo I'm from H-Town, southwest stop drop and roll
If I chunk the dub up, the whole hood rock n roll
Braeswood, Woolfair, Clear Creek, Spice Lane
West Bellfort, Fondren, Airport, Sandpiper, stack change
I'm so H-Town there's codeine in my blood
And I'm a shouted down a war with the meanest of thugs
And you ain't never gotta ask if there's lean in my cup
I'm a triple O.G., S.U.C. nigga what

[Pimp C:]
Naw I'm from Port Arthur, Texas, ninety miles away
For the last fifteen years, I been reppin' my state
I knew the real DJ Screw sip grape by the case
Eight's over ice straight product of the H
Southside, I never was no big socializer
With Bun you can talk, I fuck with the boss
Like Thug and Prince Civy or Rome or Wrice
This game a pie I want it all so give me a slice

[Hook: Chamillionaire]

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