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Trap Or Die Freestyle lyrics

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SLIM THUG lyrics : "Trap Or Die Freestyle"

Slim Thug:
Mo money
Mo probelms
I'm back in court
Baby mama tryna stick me wit dat child support(X3)
White folks tryna a nigga, bitch make me sick
That's wat I get fo thinkin wit my dick
Man these hoes are scantless, niggas ars snakes
They plottin in my pocket like I'm they big break
I be a damn fool to think shit all good
They lookin at a nigga like they take it out the hood
Big Boss of the South, niggas jackin my slang
I gotta deal now these niggas ain't actin the same
The album ain't even drop, still considered a rookie
And niggas already out here catchin that pussy
Cause I'm makin what they make in a hour
That's why I got the club takin campayne showers
Switch cars every season, a hundered thousand or better
I got addicted to the smell of new leather(back to the beginning)
H-Town trensetta, niggas follow my lead
They try to catch up, but an't follow my speed
Boss Hogg Outlawz run da muthafuckin city mayne
Call me da Down South P petey mayne
Fuck what cha think, and fuck how you fell
We gettin paid down here nigga, for real
Dem feds want a hotter nigga cause I'm livin large
I got a million worth of cars up in da garage
Dope game ain't same down in Texas
Boyz get knockin straight get to talkin wreckless
Quit and take the streets fame and riches
Can't take they cars so quit and start snitchin
SO, excuse me if I seem a little cautious
But it's a lot of niggas tryna to knock down us bosses
I'm dodgin crooses, rollin alone
One deep wit the chrome, It's the Boss, I'm gone.

Pj, bitch, now gotta pop up on the scene
Gotta sold everything from the blow to the creme
When I hit the roll

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