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Beat It Up lyrics

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SLIM THUG lyrics : "Beat It Up"

Baby girl listen up let me holla for a second
I aint tryna be rude I'm just tryna get you naked
I figured if you keep it 100 you'll respect it
I know you tired of niggas lying to you so check it
I aint tryna settle down but I wanna fuck
I wanna be behind you when you back that pussy up
You look like a good girl ima make you my slut
I bet you like it slow ima make you like it rough
See I'm the type of nigga that will fuck ya life up
Make you leave your man when he tryna wife you up
Cuz that nigga borin I'm in to explorin
You only with that nigga for them things that's important
He gotta a good job and a real good father
Layed in debt but damn girl why bother
You need excitment in your life fuck with me
Well settle if it's well fall in love with a g

Guess what I'm fuckin tonight
Wheather you know it or not ima beat that pussy right
Yea I'm fuckin tonight
Ima beat that pussy up
Ima beat it up (3x)
So I aint gotta eat it up

Tryna lay in it
Then playy in it
If it's good all night ima stay in it
Sway in it if it's tight ima get it right
Hop on top you know what your daddy like
Rife it like a bike baby don't fall off
I wanna see them titties bouncin take it all off
She tryna crawl off say it's in too deep
Bust so much she quit and try to fall asleep
Turn that ass over back stroke pick her up
Grab her by her hair while I slap her on the butt
I'm bout to but pulled out snattched the rubber off
And like a trill bitch she let me put it in her mouth


Is you gon let me rock it say you'll let me rock it
Ima gon beat it till the walls come a knocking
Baby don't stop it open let me rock it
Turn that ass around and get it beat by dallas blocker
Baby never mind it you aint up for mountn
Ima take a shower and just act like weve been nappin
Guess what I'm fuckin tonight... yea
So baby if your down call me and I'll be around
I'll be on the other side of town
Hit me if you wanna fuck around


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