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Goodbye (Remix-Dynastea) lyrics

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Slaughterhouse lyrics : "Goodbye (Remix-Dynastea)"

"it was all a dream" biggie quote
i never imagined myself recording anything i wrote
down, and built a strong bond
with this sound
that this game brings
and as i sit while i pound
i reminisce about the good times
where words would rhyme
now they're focused on one portion
which is make the hood shine
but i ain't want a part of that, i wanna be out
cuz my words go against everything that i see now
i used to love you, but my affection is gone
im dumb, i barely noticed the passion was wrong
were done? moved on? but you said that you loved me
how come? you're gone? and refuse to speak of we
im strong, but sprung off everything you told me
you're wrong, you belong here don't you leave me lonely
i miss you hip-hop, im looking for a better day
and even though i hate you, i will never say...

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