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Gone Not Around Any Longer lyrics

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SISTAR19 X EJM lyrics : "Gone Not Around Any Longer"

Verse 1
happy new year, everybody texting me, but im only waiting for my phone to ring a specific beep,
I knew that you were someone special as you touched my soul,
so I assigned the beep called love to ring/ for your calls
thought I woke up with flowers all around my bed, but no, its just the scent of where you laid your head
drifting in and out to catch that last dream cloud, I wake up cold without a voice now


verse 2
its all the same, withering every- day, like a, flower without a name
got picked up, but pricked blood, thorns hurt she tossed me away
fell in love with her in a hopeful place, but too bad it was a hopeless chase

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