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Always On My Mind lyrics

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SIRIUS FEAT. TOMMY FREDVANG lyrics : "Always On My Mind"

She sits there looking at the pictures
Does he even miss her?
She got suspicions
And the clock on the wall
Tick tocking so slow
All she wants to know
Is when he's coming home
But he's not picking up
When she calls him
She can hear alarms ring
It's alarming
As the minute goes by
She assumes the worst
The king of thoughts
That scar and truly hurt
She needs a calming voice
She know so well
To answer and tell her
Everything's ok
Cuz the shakes won't go away
Her body shivering
Because these images
Start sinking in
The day comes to an ends
And she's giving up
Cries herself to sleep
She had enough
He's unavailable
She won't let it go
But then he sends her these words:
Baby I miss you
I can't stand the distance
Lost in the crowd
When you're not around
I want you , I need you
I'm longing to feel you
Girl you're always on my mind

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