SHE WANTS REVENGE lyrics : "Replacement"

Oh my lover look what you've done,
You've gone and took your love away.
It seemed to me the only way out was run,
Despite you're trying to beg me to stay.
It started as an honest attraction,
Began under the guise of a flirt.
Till you were screaming at the edge of the bed
"Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt!"

You said
"Come back baby, please don't go,
Come back baby, please don't go,
Come back baby, please don't go,
Come back baby, you hurt me so."
Wake me on the other side,
You can hold your breath,
I'll be dreaming she's easy.
We can always say we tried,
If we both come clean, maybe then you can please me.
Wake me on the other side,
You can hold your breath
As the thought of her drags her down.
She cries like a baby
And she only learned to dream in sound.

Oh my lover the clock runs slow
Ever since the day you went away.
And though I've tried a hundred ways to forget you,
Still the emptiness is always the same.
No matter who is lying beside me
All it does is make me wish it were you.
And if I close my eyes tight I can almost pretend,
And for a moment it's as if it were true.
You said


You can't pin it all on me,
The blame is mine to bear.
With all the things I've done to you,
We're far beyond repair.
But still sometimes I think of us,
And how things fell apart.
And how you knew from the first kiss
That I would break your hears.

[Chorus x2]

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Writer(s): Adam Bravin, Justin Warfield
Copyright: Id Soup Music, Warner-tamerlane Publishing Corp., Sony/ATV Melody, Mighty Heart
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