SHE WANTS REVENGE lyrics : "Pretend The World Has Ended"

Cast shadows through the days
And swing the night and come with me.
There's nothing to believe in here
So just believe in me.
Your sense of apprehension suits you,
You wear troubles well.
I've nothing left to hide from you,
I've got no God to sell.
Just put your hand in mine,
Then cast your doubts aside.

We can hide away for days,
Pretend the world has ended.
No more drama, no more pain.
Pretend the world has ended.
We can run away tonight,
Pretend the world has ended.
No matter what they say we'll work out fine,
Cause you and I know this is heaven.

Your hair is damp from the rain,
Hungry eyes that look like lust.
The ghosts of lost loves follow you,
You feel but you can't trust.
Time disappears inside you,
'Till there's nothing left but us.
We wave goodbye to everyone,
And hope our love's enough.
Just put your hand in mine,
Then cast your doubts aside.

[Chorus x2]

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Writer(s): Adam Bravin, Justin Warfield
Copyright: Id Soup Music, Warner-tamerlane Publishing Corp., Sony/ATV Melody, Mighty Heart
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