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Inverted And Inserted lyrics

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Severed Savior lyrics : "Inverted And Inserted"

Malicious hatred for her creators
Resentment in heart and mind
Abandoning the careless swine
A pedophile father, an alcoholic mother
They called her "spawn of the dark one"
Constantly locked in solitary confinement
Awaiting the next beating and her defilement
Her progenitors
Gave birth to their enemy
Encouragement of self mutilation
Their blood in her veins
She cuts herself to drain their ties
She knows no other way of life
Numerous attempts to convert her
Blurred vision from her swollen eyes
Her tears of blood remind her
Of their empty lies
Endless attempts to alter her
Mind set to force paralysis
Of independence but she stirs
The echoes that are their lies
Be faithful
Or be beaten by the right hand
Her decision, to fight back with the left
And grab the cross from her wall
To invert it and insert it
Driven toward what was meant to be secluded
Her new found directions was hear means of conclusion
Finally answering question she asked her self so many times
What is the perfect revenge for my abusers?
Ritualistic self-possession to turn on the despised
Invocation of her dark lord with the intent to rise
She doesn't realize
There is no god to despise
Easing for the wrong reasons
Blood spilled from the orifice
Onto empty pipe dreams
False prophets and psychosis
Creates battles within a bloodline
The real creators caused the perverted suicide of their creation
There is no god to despise

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