SELAH SUE lyrics : "Please"

I'm tired, so tired, of chasing the dreams
With tears in my eyes I realize that it's running away
It's running away
But with all the wrong I've done, how could love ever love me?
'Cause I've even tried, talking to the sky about it.
But there's not much to say
Not much to say

So please, please, please, help me
Give me some kind of sign
Please, please, please, please, please
I want to be somebody, somebody, I want someone to be mine
Please, please, please, please, please

The man, the man in the mirror, he won't even look at me
Well you may not believe it, but my own reflection
Told me I ought to be ashamed of myself
Oh yes he did
I'm wasting my time, my time, my mind, my mind, my energy
Even let my body down on the bed
Oh yeah, but I can't seem to win for losing, 'cause don't nobody love me yet

So I'm begging please, please, yeah, please, send me some kind of sign, please
I want, I want to be somebody, I want someone to be all mine
I'm begging please, yeah, please, someone, please, please, someone please
I said, I want to be somebody, I want someone to be all mine
Someone, someone, I want someone
Sometimes I got to move along
I say hum

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Writer(s): Sanne Greet A. Putseys, Sanne Putseys, Thomas Callaway, Thomas Decarlo Callaway
Copyright: Because Ed., God Given Music, Chrysalis Music Ltd.
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