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Little Voices lyrics

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SCOTT & BRENDO lyrics : "Little Voices"

Yo, hip hop and I'm turning feet
Everybody's outside and we're lookin sweet
Saving all the best tricks that are up my sleeves
For the last ones left who can taste the beat

Do you wanna come and take a little chance with me
Come dance with me, make plans with me

And I wish right now that we don't ever stop this
Because I just dont think we'll top this

Just so you know
It's impossible
To die from overdose
Of anything that feels this good

Ok kids, listen up. Promise me that you WILL try this at home!

Take a ratty black hat and try to wear it backwards
Now pedal harder cuz we're going faster

Firecrackers at the crack of dawn
Everybody gettin' wetter from the dew in the lawn

And I ask myself one question
Everybody's got a similar expression
It's high time that I'm asking why
Is life supposed to feel this high

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