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Collard Greens lyrics

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SCHOOLBOY Q lyrics : "Collard Greens"

Luxury chidi-ching-ching could buy anything cop that
Collard greens three degrees low make it hot for me drop that
Down with that shit drink this smoke this get down with the shit aye
Down with the shit cop this pop this down with the shit

[Verse 1]
Smoke this drink this straight to my liver
Watch this no tick yeah I'm the nigga
Gang rap X-mas smoke shots I deliver
Faded Vegas might sponsor the killer
Shake it break it hot-hot for the winter
Drop it cop it eyes locked on your inner object
Rock it blast-blast new beginnings
Lovely pinky how not I remember fiending
Give me give me give me some
Freak the freckles off your face frenchy freaking swapping tongue
Click my link and spread your buns loose your denim make it numb
Blow it baby no Saddam (Icky-icky-icky)
Fucking in the car service thank me for the car pool
Chromosome part full prolly off a Norco
And gas not the Arco popping since the intro
You shopping from the window play my favorite tempo


[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
Hold up biatch this your favorite song
Translation: Ven aqui mami ese culo
Tu quiero coger mi huevos y papi molestes pero
Chuparse puto pendejo el pinche cabron - let's get it
Nights like this I'm a knight like this sword in my hand I fight like this
And I'm more than a man I'm a God bitch touche en garde
Toupe drop and her two tits pop out of that tank top and bra
And when I say "Doo-doo-doo-doo" bitch that be K. Dot
She want some more of this I give her more of this I owe her this
In fact I know she miss the way I floored this I'm forgis
I know my Houston partners drop a four on this
And focus and slow it down alright let me blow this bitch
I'm famous I blame this on you cash in the mirror
Hang in my penthouse roof skyline the clearest
Watch it your optics popping out you look the weirdest
Pop my top on the 105 head with no power steering ah!


[Verse 3]
Bummy nigga famous straight from the bottom
Broke niggas hate it still never robbed 'em
Guns in the basement out they have a problem
Kush be my fragrance we love marijuana
Function on fire burn the roof off this mothafucka
Psych ward is balling dope craze like no other
Weed steady blowing pass the blunt to my mama
Runs in the family puff-puff keep a nigga fiending
Faded-faded-faded right
Shot glass super size she gon' get some dick tonight
Meet me at the W and no it's not the Westside
Stick it up ya Southside (Icky-icky-icky)
Baller futuristic groovy gangsta with an attitude
What these niggas make a year I spend that on my daughter shoes
Smoking weed and drinking all the college students loving Q
We gon' turn it out until the neighbors wanna party too


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Thanks to alexandra_feaa

Writer(s): Kendrick Lamar, Kendrick Duckworth
Copyright: R.RIERA Music, Top Dawg Music, Axel Morgan Music, Warner-tamerlane Publishing Corp., WB Music Corp., Hard Working Black Folks Inc.
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