Win You Over lyrics

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SAMANTHA TIEGER lyrics : "Win You Over"

Win You Over Lyrics

I could think of all the bad things I want to

But I don't do that now that I've met you
Color floods the room when I see that you're there
I feel safe around you when I'm scared

But when I try to say what I want to say I'm never understood
Je dis parfois je ne comprends pas (Sometimes I don't understand) how I found you

Et je sais (And I know) that I'm a little late but I'd like to try to
Win you over
I want to win you over

Win you over
I want to win you over

Maybe I'm not always clear as I could be
Words get lost in someone's ear
Je pense que je suis prête a te dire (I think I'm ready to tell you)

So I'll try to say it clearly


J'espère que tu verras (I hope that you'll see)
What I see in us

I hope you see what I see in you and me
In you and me


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