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Mashallah lyrics

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SALMAN KHAN & KATRINA KAIF lyrics : "Mashallah"

Mashallah mashallah
Mashallah mashallah
Chehra hai maashallah
Naino pe naino ka
Pehra hai mashallah
Tujhko churaya hai
Paaya hai ye jahan

God has willed it,
your face is beautiful (as God has willed)
There is a watch of eyes
on the eyes, beautiful..
I have stolen you,
and got this world..

Mashallah mashallah
Chehra hai mashallah
Rang tere ishq ka
Gehra hai mashallah
Tujhko churaya hai
Paya hai ye jahan

beautiful, beautiful
your face is beautiful (as God has willed)
The color of your love
is deep, beautiful..
I have stolen you,
and got this world..

Yo habibi mashallah antashakala ajimullah
Yo habibi mashallah yashok aani miliaai hai
Yo habibi mashallah roofzabargat ganini
Badmanini badmanini badmanini taaliho

(Arabic rendition)

Jalta hai jal jaaye
Pighal jaaye zamana
Main tujhse tu mujhse bas itna fasana
Teri yaariyan dildariyaan sun janiyan
Mile mila mujhe milana

If the world is jealous, let it be
let world melt (in the heat of jealousness)
I'm from you n you're from me, only that much is the story..
Your friendship, love, listen o love,
I have got, and want more..

Mashallah mashallah..

Sholon mein sharara hai
sholon mein sharara hai
Taaron mein sitara
Kudrat me fursat se banaya mera yara

(She's) a spark in fireballs,
(She's) a bright star among the stars,
The nature has made my friend in leisure..

Teri chaahatein meri raahatein
Hain ibaadate, tu mila mili mujhe khudai

Your love is my relief (gives me relief)..
it's my worship, I have got you, got divinity..

Mashallah mashallah..
habibi mashallah antashakala ajimunah..

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