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Request feat Mixie Moon lyrics

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S3RL lyrics : "Request feat Mixie Moon"

Mr DJ,
Listen to what I say,
I've got a track, a request I want you to play.

Alright lady,
Give me a track name.
If I've got it then spin it for you okay?

Didn't expect that,
For you to say okay.
The last DJ told me to get *&#$$ and go away...

I'm not prepared,
I don't know the name.
Only how it goes.

Play me the song that goes -

Ooh oh I love this song.
I can't help but sing along.

When I hear it being played,
I just wanna dance all day .

Ooh oh my favourite song.
I can't help but sing along.

Even the words I don't know,
I still sing them, I just go -

Na na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na na

Mr DJ,
I just wanna say,
Thank you so much for playing my request today.

Yeah that's ok.
What kinda DJ,
Would I be if I didn't take requests anyway?

Why can't all DJ's,
Just take the damn requests?
Not just play for themselves and then go ignore the rest.

If they have got the song,
Then they should play along.

Play it again for me -

I'm not playing it again bitch...

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