RYAN O'SHAUGHNESSY lyrics : "First Kiss"

Every story has a beginning, a middle, and end
I'm stuck on chapter one
There's no substitute for losing a friend
You come second to none
You know I say what's on my mind
You know it can get me in trouble most of the time
I can't hold a weighted heart, gotta let it out from the start
Anyone can see you and I are just the same
If you try your best, you don't succeed, you try harder again
And all I want to know is when we were close that night
Did you take the time to close your eyes and place your lips to mine
Place your lips to mine
So when you move in for the first kiss
When you move in for the first kiss
Just make sure you don't miss
Make sure you don't miss, no
Make sure you don't miss, you don't miss, don't miss, no
Keep your eyes closed
'Cause every story has a beginning, a middle, and end

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