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Clash Of The Ash lyrics

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Runrig lyrics : "Clash Of The Ash"

Hey now boys there's something not right,
Did anyone see Willy at the dance last night,
Let's pick up Boa without a fuss,
Chuck him in with the camans at the back of the bus,
Because were running late it's way past ten,
Were driving through the straths and glens,
Come on Johnny Buller make it fast,
For the twelve noon throw up and the clash of the ash.

Well we'd better make changes now it seems,
Geek to the centre,
Weed to the wing,
My rockets old and slow and due to retire,
Stick em right on the sawdust ready to fire, And if we do all that and theirs no one spare, tell me who's gonna mark the kinlochshiel bear,
He's hard as nails, quick as a flash, he comes down from the caves for the clash of the ash.

This story started long ago,
With heroes forged and legends told,
And for every fighting highland man, it's stand brither and die for the clan,
Well when the whistle blows and the battles done these shinty boys shine like the sun,
We don't play for fame, we don't play for cash,
We just play for the glory and the clash of the ash

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Writer(s): Calum Macdonald, Rory Macdonald
Copyright: Chrysalis Music Ltd.
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