Royce Da 59 lyrics : "Ride"

Yeah, yeah, I'm a every day walk my dogs
Like a motherfuckin gangsta; gun toaster, slash pranksta
In the 7 on Dalvins with Cash, we be mashin
To the club seein who gon' hurl who the fastest
Bitches sippin bubbly and drinkin thug passion
Niggaz get them lil' pistols shoved in they asses
This hundred-and-one round drum take up half the
Trunk so punk, we gon' tear up this club faster
Detroit niggaz only get along with who belong
And if you get on then we can use you
From 7 and Woodward to 7 and Telly - the West side
Where niggaz with 'Cardis, weapons in Pelle's ? yes ma
From 7 and Woodward to 7 and Kelly ? the East side
It's murder; from Kelly and further
East where peace signs and street signs is unheard of
You can either collide with me or ride with me

(This is how we ride)
Up and down, Plymouth (ride); B-Roc, niggaz (ride)
Up and down, Finkel (ride); Bright Mo', niggaz (riiiide)
Up and down, Sixth; P.A., niggaz (we riiiide)
Up and down, Seven; 7 Mile, dawgs (this is how we ride)
Up and down, Eight (ride); 8 Mile, niggaz (ride)
Up and down, Nine (ride); Oak Park, niggaz (riiiide)
Up and down, Ten; up and down, Eleven (we riiiide)
Southfield, niggaz (this is how we)

In the D every day is violent, it's never silent
All you hear is cop sirens and shots firin
Bein broke got tirin - so how I'm s'posed to eat?
I chose the street, fuck a job, they not hirin
Cats be trippin, 'gnac we sippin
Crack be flippin, you will never catch me slippin
Watch out or get stuck for your jacket
AIDS spreadin, strap up 'fore you catch it
A dude chopped his wife up with a hatchet (damn)
You might live to see eighteen
She got raped, he gagged her mouth, so she can't scream
It's the murder Mitten, crime is risin
They robbed a bank, they gave my nigga Hank time for drivin
We hustle, ain't no 9-to-5'n (uh-uh)
When beef go down, I might just have to do some time, I'm ridin (fo'sho')
It's on, you gon' be on your back
I'm representin Detroit, until I die you see this D on my hat, nigga

(This is how we ride)
Up and down the Craft (ride); School Craft, niggaz (ride)
Up and down, Joy (ride); Joy Road, niggaz (riiiide)
Off West, Gram; my Zone 8, niggaz (we riiiide)
Up and down, Warren; West Warren, niggaz (this is how we ride)
Up and down the Wood (ride); Linwood, niggaz (ride)
Up and down, Twelfth (ride); Twelfth Street, niggaz (riiiide)
Up and down, Dexter; my Dexter niggaz (we riiiide)
Off Davidson Ave; Woodrow, nigga (this is how we)

... The weapons is close
One wrong hood get cooked, news stressin your folks
I have your block, in them white tees reppin your ghost
Meanwhile I'm in the skyloft, stretchin the coke
My name Juan nigga boss of the state
Hold yo' head in this piranha tank, bitch let 'em gnaw on your face
Pussy ass niggaz lie in they bars
'til they collide with niggaz like me, see they dog die in they arms
I'm from Detroit nigga, smuggler's heaven
Lions, Tigers and bears, gorillas, snakes; man the jungle is present
Go ahead and play hard man
They find yo' ass half-naked, somewhere off in them trees like Tarzan
Nigga, beatin your chest with Ninas and tec's
My niggaz cutthroat gangsta, beat you to death
Don't make the pump blow waste ya, all on the steps
Man every Dirty Glove banger, throw up your set, nigga!

(This is how we ride)
Up and down, Gratiot (ride); my, Gratiot niggaz (ride)
Up and down the Van (ride); Van Dyke, niggaz (riiiide)
Up and down, Mac; Mac Love, niggaz (we riiiide)
Up and down, Kelly; them A.K., killas (this is how we ride)
Up and down, French (ride); French Road, niggaz (ride)
Up and down the Drive (ride); outer Drive, niggaz (riiiide)
Up and down, Connors; up and down, Chalmers (we riiiide)
East side, nigga (this is how we)

Yeah, my nigga Juan, Street Lord Mafia
Big Herk, good lookin out nigga
Rock Bottom, whattup T-Dot?
It's Rock City niggaz, M.I.C.
The Southwest to, Grand River to Griswalden{? } State
I ain't forgot about y'all niggaz
Anybody else who I ain't say y'all know how I do, Nickel
Shoutout to my nigga Doug
Good lookin out my nigga
Yeah, hit me baby

This is how we ride, ride, ride, ride, riiiide, riiiide
This is how we...

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