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Chips On Pistons lyrics

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Royce Da 59 lyrics : "Chips On Pistons"

(feat. Blade Icewood, Ingrid Smalls, Jay Black)

[intro skit for first 43 seconds]

[Royce Da 5'9" + (Blade)]
Yeah, yeah
When the rubber band pops from the top of them stacks
Mami drop them tops 'fore them dollars go back
in my pocket or the trunk of the black Impala
where the pump just sit for them punks who trip
But besides that, life's good - yeah
This my nigga Blade right here (you could call me Icewood)

[Ingrid Smalls + (Royce)]
Icewood? (Icewood) I could
go home witchu baby if the pipe good

[Royce Da 5'9"]
We get a whole lot of scrilla, fo'-fives is wit us
Whole flight can fill us, Globetrotter nigga
When you see a plus sign in front of like twelve numbers
on your cell that's me calling to tell you
that I ain't at home (yeah)
I'm witnessing the midnight sun in Finland with the big row bone
With six different funds
Coronas, pesos, zeros, the list goes on
We send henchmen to wet ya
In between trips to the Philippines with strippers wit us
Bet chips on Pistons, gassed off sheed (yeah)
yelling pass the ball to Rip and Billups, mami

[Chorus: Jay Black]
If you got love for me, then do your little dance for me
Turn that ass around, (turn around) and keep doing what you dooooo
If you got a thang for me, then do your thang for me
Turn that ass around, (turn around) cause you've got it coming

[Blade Icewood + (Ingrid)]
Turn that ass 'round, ma you know I'm a clown
Throw a little money 'round, do my dance to the sounds
Worth a whole lotta cash, so you know I got the pound on me
Yeah dance for my homie (damn what's the nigga name?)
Five-Nine (Five-Nine)

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Pimp game got it going from the first line
Chain plenty hang time, yeah

[Blade Icewood]
G-4 plane flying, '05 Range driving
If the deal ain't least ten mil' I ain't signing
Heard she can make it do the "Nolia Clap"
It's Mr. Blade Icewood the new king of rap
I got these shots for you haters (c'mon)
Tell the waiters bring the shots, use the liquor to motivate her
to hop up in the whip, before she leave the lot
Got my dick between her lips; hand between her hips
On some freaky shit, yeah ain't know I did it like that
She thought it was all rap 'til she screaming on her back
Playa, we send henchmen to wet ya
In between trips to the Philippines with strippers wit us
Bet chips on Pistons, gassed off she
saying pass the bar to rip in buildings, mami


[Royce Da 5'9"]
Yeah, we hit makers with acres
We hit Vegas with chips major, we can't just
ball like the usual team, we stay whyling
Up the challenge, fuck it, tear up the palace
Fuck with, nothing but them trucks with, halogen lights
Did bad in his life, them cuts and calluses
In the G-4, in a suit, eating soufflc
In the seat big get your coupe, nigga go play

[Blade Icewood]
Hey come over here!
Well you can have it your way, blow cabbage all day
Ice, everywhere, bought it from all yay
This ain't no spaceship, gave the Rover a facelift
Lift the fifth to my lips while she moving her hips
Yeahhh - side to side, I decide
when the time is right for us to slide
We ain't moving at the mansion yet, the panty's wet
That's how you feel off a pill, why you panicking?
Go away!


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