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Broken Yet Holding On lyrics

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RONI TRAN lyrics : "Broken Yet Holding On"

I can see you walkin' out
I'm not tryna believe it
There's no way that this can be for real, I'm dreamin'
I can see the water in your eyes
You don't have to do this
There has got to be a better way, I know it..

Back up the day now
What did I do to get us to, this point
Me losing you, in this moment
I feel it, deep in my chest
I can't breathe...

I can't let go
Broken yet holding on
To you, to us
This love is too strong for me to let go
Broken yet holding on..

Afraid everything is over now
The rain cloud is passing
Still I'm tryna wonder how I lost you
Are you really over me?
You said so, don't believe it..
You are where I wanna be, I love you

[Chorus x2]

We said we'll never give up
In hard times
When we hit bottom
We'll try to find the broken pieces of love...

[Chorus x2]

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