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i ?m never lost
she still got it,god
yeah i have you, hey, girl,
lock it from the truck
don't keep in secret
cause i am racing the project
my life is moving
you get to sit back and watch it
my di**k is my girl
let me need you to rock it
my hand is blowing the ass
like backpacking
i am not kiding to say
now allow me to unlock it
yeah, that's my dream girl
and it is mine instument
now watch what i do as soon as in a truck
now let me take it retry
make it feel upon you and you are on fire
she is to be put you in a van
and can't be a girl of mine
can't achieve they make a player
when you desire
she is a man's desire
make it like a change
like a flamme detire
all the jewelry and money in this world cann't buy ya;?
anything different that come is a lier
i know you usually you need to feel with it
who wana smash but never deal with it
but it is different when you fu*ked with a real nigg*r
six months later
and i am still with her
and i telling it won't be five years from now
exactly what i am living in the moment
i know i am almost gone
and you hate me,
you are beyond the time
girl, you know to nowhere
now tell to me
i feel good
i got some not been so long
did you have fun
cause i need your car to get me home

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