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yeah yeah
and they say rock city
ohhh, ohhh, yeah

i've been patiently waiting for a time to come since old six
that's when we signed a thought everything wasn't go with
was a label when you see ..was only obvious.. focus on his own shit
ironic he won't let it go, and do our own shit
i promise .. some snow, homie i won't sleep
sometimes i feel i8'll be better off i ..bricks
still no matter how harder gets i won't quit
got so much fire inside i can make .. in the air yellin for ..
now i'm a .. is what happens when you try to treat the ..
last man like he in the second grade
now all man cares about is getting ..
and think that he's invincible because he ..
but who got blessed no one's ..
only a matter of time before we blow like a .. grenade.

feels like .. and i just can't escape it
?cause it's right above me everywhere i go
and i can't wait until i'm finally free
please believe it, ?cause i'ma make it out this everywhere i go
...clouds away take them away
?cause i'ma make it out this weather .. i know.

before years awaken, could you even believe that he had the .. to tell us
we're too impatient if you let him tell em we're always complaining
but can't all blame us what you expect from us is you to become more famous
buy yourself another house that's way more spacious you're just a dark way cloud

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