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BODY BANG lyrics

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girl, you know it!
you're sexy, love how you show it.
yeah, you're bad, explosive,
go tell ?em bloggers that they could quote me!
you got the bomb bomb upon that?
booty class and the thing?
girl you know you to turn me on,
we live for really,
we go ham ham with ?em cameras on!
you think you got it all from your mom,
please correct me girl if i'm wrong.
easy, your booty!

and how you drop this off
makes me wanna beat it up!
throw it down and speed it up!
your body is bang!
see the bang,
see the bomb before, mixed with what's up in my club!
it's me what you in the club, club!
your body is bang, bang, bang, bang!
your body is bang, bang, bang, bang!

shawty call me chef?
how are they cooking, the way i'm ripping,
up in the kitchen? this what you came from,
if it gets too hot, don't worry shawty i can cool off!
down, down, down, every time that you come around,
i can tell that you love me now, really?

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