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Black Magic Featuring: Meek Mill lyrics

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RICK ROSS lyrics : "Black Magic Featuring: Meek Mill"

[Hook: Rick Ross]
Poof! There go the car
Poof! There go the crib
Poof! A hundred mil, David Copperfield
David Copperfield, David Copperfield

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Could you knock that ho, could you blame that bitch?
Cause she wanna roll with a real nigga like me thats gon' slang that dick
Like coke to a fiend, fuck throat on the lean
Take low on the Perc, now that ho on a bean
Still money over these hoes
Got YSL on my clothes
And blood drip on my sneakers
Nigga, you hating on me -- she chose
And I ain't fuck your girl she rode
My stick-shift she drove
Did everything that she 'posed to
I pulled my camera out and she posed
And I was like, got that
Drop that, pop that
Got the top back on the dropback, I'm back
And the Glock at where the crotch at, I'm strapped
All the rocks at where the watch at, stop that
Could you cop that? Not that
I'm light send the mob at, dimesack I'm catching on contact
Got racks, y'all niggas ain't 'bout that, 'bout that life!


[Verse 2: Meek Mill]
Poof! Nigga fuck your life
Fuck your niggas and fuck your wife (Fuck 'em!)
Got two bad bitches with a nigga
And you know they gon' fuck all night (Right)
And I rock hard white
Nigga rich game pride
I'll pull up on whores and I'm sitting on fours, in a big boy drop
Call big boy shots, all clear stones in my big boy watch
All year long, got the strip on lock
Everytime we in this bitch, man, shit gon' pop
My hip on Glock, your hip on nothing
My niggas got racks, y'all niggas be fronting
Red Cartier, redbone bitch
Red bottoms on her, hair long as shit (Hold up)
Yellow gold Ro', yellow bone ho
And yellow bottles of Spades, nigga
Whole clique self made, nigga


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Writer(s): Rick Ross
Copyright: 4 Blunts Lit At Once Publishing, Emi Blackwood Music Inc.
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