RICH HIL lyrics : "Let It Go Ma"

Every one says, everyone says.
You just gotta let it go, you just gotta let it go, you ju...

(Rich Hil)
What they want? they tryna getta head.
I like the way you droll when you given me some head.
Talk shit my bro Bonic leave your block red,
Talk shit my bro Bonic leave your block dead.
Shit, to the death imma prick.
You don't like it let your mother suck my dick.
Yeaaa, cuuz your mother love Rich.
I whip my hair back & forth with my bic.
Shit, in my black crown vick, ask sycamore, I'm sick!
Yea, & they never heard me like this cuuz I'm mad bitch I don't ever write shit.
Get your girl turned on like light switch & if she tuna fish, I aint gonna like it!
I let her bite it & than I'm outta there.
Let it drip down her neck; I don't wipe it.

Everyone says, everyone says, you just gotta let it go!
Let it go hoe! you just gotta let it go, let it go hoe!
Everyone says, everyone says you just gotta let it go,
Let it go, you just gotta let it go, let it go hoe.

(Rich Hil)
Slickville, where the rain never stops.
They took up all my pills from the raids by the cops.
You can't count all the ways that I'm hot, tell a friend to tell a friend,
Bitch I aint hip hop.
I aint a big shot, imma fucking loser
& she'll keep calling depending on how you do 'er!
Yea, I was raised in the fucking sewer!
Misfits, the amounts keep getting fewer.
Yea, I'm so fucking CMT.
Tell that bitch "go to hell" if she leave me!
See my verses like weed cuuz they breathe me!
& I'm coming back home like ET.
I aint trippin, I aint trippin this is easy.
I'm the GREATEST ALIVE you believe me! ?
Every bitch that I phone wanna see me & every chick that I bone wanna be me.

Every one says, everyone says,
You just gotta let it go, let it go.
You just gotta let it go, let it go hoe,
Everyone says, yea, everyone says.
Limosa Nostra, you just gotta let it go, act two.
You just gotta let it go.
What they do! ?

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