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Like us all you want, the very best advice
A car, a house a neighborhood, that's nice
Flowers and trees and lots of little kids around
Where public schools are breeding grounds for vice.

You say you're working harder than you ever have
You say you've got two jobs and so's your wife
Living in the richest country in the world
Wouldn't you think you'd have a better life?

If you lived in Norway you'd be fine right now
Get sick there, you make the doctor wait
If you lived in Belgium you could mediate
[German screaming]
Hey, knock it off!
And the French fries are great

Jesus Christ it stinks here high and low
The rich are getting richer, I should know
While we're going up you're going down
No one gives a shit but Jackson Browne
Jackson Browne

There's a famous saying someone famous said
As General Motors goes, so go we all
Johnny Couger's singing it's their country man
He'll be singing for Toyota by the fall

[That's not true. John's a patriot. He's not like you. He's a-]

Jesus Christ, it stinks here low and high
Some get rich and others just get by
Bono's off in Africa, he's never around
Country turns its lonely him, Jackson Browne
Jackson Browne
Jackson Browne

A piece of the pie
It's all we're asking for
A piece of the pie

A piece of the pie
It's all we're asking for
A piece of the pie

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Writer(s): Randy Newman
Copyright: Randy Newman Music
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