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Something Real lyrics

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RANDY HOUSER lyrics : "Something Real"

I never was all that good,
At being with one woman,
But I never was all that bad,
At being a good man,
I used to think my time,
Was precious,
And best spent runnin,
I've had to put a million miles behind me,
To help me understand,

What I really want,
What I've waited on,
Is something Real,
There's a missing a part,
That my empty heart can't fill,
Oh I know she's out there somewhere now,
I know she's meant for me somehow,
The one and only one,
That makes me feel,
Something real,

I always thought I'd know her when I saw her
I guess I'm just a dreamer,
Been waitin for the girl,
I can't just be with,
I want the want I can't be without,
No I won't live without,


Oh I know you're out there somewhere now,
I know you're meant for me somehow
The One Who Makes Me Feel
Something Real.

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