I Reps lyrics

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QUEEN PEN lyrics : "I Reps"

(feat. Cam'Ron, DJ Clue, Prodigy)

[Pen whispers "I Reps" while DJ Clue is talking]

[DJ Clue]
William ^!$$%

Yeah!DJ Clue, Desert Storm, you know how we do things
Q-u-double-e- radio
And the question of the day,

Is who, and what you rep
Caller number 1, you on the line

[Verse 1: Prodigy]
Ayo its P, big chunky 40 inch chains
I could $#[email protected] your woman, but I perfer brains

I could duff you out wit guns and bang
I'ma certified, bonofied, Mobb Nigga man
This ain't no '87 rap battle

This is 2001, bloodsport, ^!$$% i'll get at you
This is criminal %#@!, I'm so infamous
I'm so gangsta, these ^!$$%s be nervous

When we pop up, ya knees lock up
Ya stomach catch butterflies
And ya heart pumps

Suppose to be scared, suppose to be 'wared
When you see me get the $#[email protected] out my way
Nigga I'm in here

And I ain't come for the glamour and glitz
I came to $#[email protected] you up bad, get drunk, and find me a (*##$
So where you at girl, holla at the kid

'Fore I slay one of these lame ^!$$%s in here, straight up

[DJ Clue]

Yeah, Caller number two
You on the line

[Verse 2: Queen Pen]
I got some raps for the streets
My ^!$$%s pack the heats

My soldiers on the corner crushin up green meat
For all the generations, and mothers ridin the trains
To work for y'all crackers, for that bull%#@! pay

I reps for my head that cops his weight
That take trips uptown just to cop his haze
I rep for them chicks givin brain in the rain

That ain't scared to be a freak, for the right pay
I gots to rep for my familys thats stricten wit pain
For buryin they boys to soon for this game

I rep for my panthers thats locked away
And???sittin on deathrow countin down them days
I rep for y'all (*##$es that work lizzie bags

That sell hot %#@!, half price off of tags
I rep for them chicks that write they own %#@!
That live just like a live, to write they own %#@!

Its 2001 (*##$, stop frontin
I rep for my baby mamas thats still walkin
I rep for them chicks collectin P.A.&Wic

Up in the hair and nail spots makin off the book chips
I rep body snactchers, loyaly over passion
I'm married to B.S.(*##$, ain't no question

[DJ Clue]
Caller number three, you on the line

[Verse 3: Cam'Ron]
I rep money dealers, girls step like, "Cam you rock a lotta Prada"

Look to her and said, "(*##$ I'm bout the dollar", holla
I don't like it anways, I feel enscadas hotter
One get her, get her, good dog, got her, got her

Cam is in a Lincolns Clipse
Jakes hate belevdere, now y'all drinkin the %#@!
Please, oh my god brother, followin is not gutter

Its a major trend setter for you @@#! suckers
Insurance on my diamonds, my rocks covered
If I'm wit a (*##$, believe me I do not love her

I'ma rap like a doobie and spliff
My Uzi a click, yeah I did a movie a flick
But I step to the director like, "look I'm not (*##$in"
Understand this homeboy, I'm not snitchin
Killa Cam still be back in the hood

Back where I should, plus I can't act that good
I could cook that coke, get them figures
I could bust that gat, strip some ^!$$%s
No homo, cause my life ain't no motion picture
Motion trigger, I open livers, @@#! the pump

Pop the trunk, I drive em to the ocean ^!$$%
Peal em apart, let em know you dealin wit sharks

Killa, P-Double, Queen Pen, Lee Low

[DJ Clue]
Yeah, DJ Clue
You know how we do things
Q-U-Double E radio
And the question of the day is

What you rep

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