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It's Alright lyrics

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QUEEN LATIFAH lyrics : "It's Alright"

[Chorus: Queen Latifah]
When I'm sexin' you
When I'm next to you
I know
It's alright
It's the things you do
Make me cling to you
Cause I know
It's alright

[Verse 1: Queen Latifah]
There's a special way there
You do what you do
Anywhere and anytime
You're not an ordinary lover
You give me good times
Get me so satisfied when I'm


[Verse 2:]
I'm overwhelmed by the way that you handle
Cause I've been down for a little while
I got experience
To know
When it's this good
Everything, everything is alright


[Queen Latifah:]
It's alright
It's alright

[Bridge: Queen Latifah]
When you're near
I don't fear
I feel so safe
And secure
You feel good in my arms
And I know that you are
You're the one for me


[Hook: Queen Latifah]
How do I know
You'll never go
You've got to be
Someone for me
I always wait
That you will stay
Cause, baby
You're the one

[Chorus & Hook: Til Fade]

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